June 13, 2019

A single rabbi captures the city of Hebron all by himself during the Six Day War back in 1967.

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JD: Tell us the story of what happened.

DW: Well Jimmy what happened was he had been at the site at the holy Western Wall when it was liberated. There were photographs of him blowing the shofar the ram’s horn there. And he knew the next day the army was going into Hebron and knowing that the army was going to be going there he wanted to go with them and be one of the first Jews to be able to actually worship there. He reached an area about half way between Jerusalem and Hebron. He reached that site where all the army was, he reached them in the middle of the night and he gave them a little pep talk about how important it was going to Hebron. He said I’m going to go rest when you leave for Hebron come wake me up I’m going with you. A few hours later he wakes up and there’s nobody there no soldiers, no Jeeps, no nothing. So he woke up his driver and he said they left without us they didn’t want to take us so lets catch up with them.

So in the middle of the Six-Day war this rabbi and his driver is driving by themselves south towards Hebron. And they very very quickly realized they weren’t going to have to deal with any real enemy fire. The Arabs were hanging white sheets outside the windows of their buildings and homes and they were surrendering. They were afraid that the Israeli army was going to pay them back so they just surrendered.

Rabbi Goren reaches the city of Hebron and makes his way to the Tomb of the Patriarchs. He runs up the stairs leading to the entrance of the building and the doors were locked and the people inside refused to open them. He took his Jeep up the stairs, put chains on the doors and hooked them on the back of the Jeep, pulled the doors down and he ran inside and he started to pray. The mufti of Hebron sent a messenger saying he wanted to come surrender and rabbi Goren sent him away and said this is a place of prayer and peace go surrender somewhere else. 

When he left to go to Hebron rabbi Goren's goal was to catch up with the army. Where were they in all of this? But he didn’t realize it’s the place where they had been at, where he had gone to sleep was actually a very big hill. And the Israeli army not knowing that the Arab’s in Hebron were surrendered were on the other side of the hill preparing the attack. What happened was he went into the city with his driver all by himself. He liberated Hebron and he liberated the Tomb of the Patriarch and the Jewish people. One person all by himself. It’s an amazing story.

JD: What a story of the rabbi by himself capturing the city of Hebron in 1967.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

There are reports of many miracles that actually happened during the Six-Day war in 1967. The capture of the city of Hebron is only one of those miracles. The Jewish  people are God’s chosen people. Israel is God’s chosen land for the Jews including Hebron which is the second most sacred city for the Jewish people. God will keep his promises to his chosen people, the Jewish people.