March 02, 2018

The disgraced minister, Jim Bakker, is now using a wrong eschatology to sell survival merchandise

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JD: Jim Bakker, David actually seems to be pedaling the word of God for prophet. Now would you say that’s exactly what he’s doing creating a market of fear and then selling into that very market he’s creating?

DJ: Well he absolutely is you know if you tune into his program you can find it on YouTube videos as well and also on the website which has steaming of his broadcast. And he has survival food sitting many times right there on the desk in front of him and sitting in front of them and the guest. So it’s front and center.

I was watching him a number of years ago as I was doing some more research into him and his ministry out of his sixty-minute program sometimes there would be fifteen minutes or more of talking these wares. And when you talk about created a market of fear he’s relying on his theology to do this promotion and peddle the word of God. As my understanding he use to be pre-Tribulational believed that the rapture would occur before the tribulation but I’ve read an article where he is post Tribulational.

So now the point is this, he’s trying to generate fear that believers are going to have to survive the Tribulation and he’s selling exactly the kinds of foods, supplies, generators even housing there on his compound for people to survive the Tribulation. And I would have to say this, if anybody thinks they want to live through the Tribulation we know that there are going to be some who survive to populate the millennial kingdom but there are going to be far far more who are martyrs. Half of the worlds population is going to die and the world is going to become uninhabitable. Who in the world would want to survive that? 

JD: Sounds to me like his eschatology is directing his ministry. You teach that we go through the Tribulation period therefore we need to survive, boy that’s fitting right into his marketing plan.

DJ: That’s exactly right and it bothers me not just for him but he basically uses I would suggest he uses many of his guests as props to actually continue this marketing ploy. So, to be honest I try to be careful about things I say about people but when you have someone who is so blatant I personal think it’s a cynical ploy and it’s certainly not the way that you handle the word of God to enrich yourself through fear.

JD: David James with Bible in hand exposing a false ministry to develop a marketing plan to dupe Christians.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jim Bakker a minister who at one time believed that the rapture will happen before the Tribulation has now changed his eschatology to say that all Christians must go through the Tribulation. He has done this so that he can merchandize his survival foods and equipment. This marketing plan is not only Biblically incorrect but it is a false teaching that is being used to make millions of dollars from un expecting Christians for Baker’s personal gain.