September 21, 2017

Many prophecy teachers are saying that the Rapture of the Church will take place on the Jewish Feast Day of Trumpets, which is entirely not Biblical

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JD: You know, they’re saying that with the alignment of the stars and the planets in the heavens on the 23rd of September it may well mean it’s the rapture. Well I don’t know about that but two days earlier it is the beginning of the fall Jewish feasts. Now we’re talking about these feasts and the fall feasts, we’re going to have you back for the other feasts Yom Kipper and the feasts of Tabernacles the other two fall feast that are coming up a week or so away.  But the trumpet feast is actually for the Jewish people Leviticus 23. It’s not for the Christians so when you’re looking and thinking about a trumpet being blown at the rapture of the church we’re not talking about the rapture here. These feasts are for the Jewish people and in particular the feasts of trumpets correct?

SH: You know Jimmy what you just said I wish I could use it as a banner and plaster it around churches and even amongst Jewish people. These feasts were given to Israel and in the context it’s very clear it’s Israel because it’s in the Torrah there aren’t any Christians at the time that this is given and these feasts are unique to Israel. And so the blowing of the trumpet, which is certainly something the notes gathering. In context has always been the re-gathering of Israel and still to this day Jewish people are scattered. There are many who have come back to the land but by no means have all of them come back to the land. So, this feast is a call back to the land where ultimately the other two feasts will play a major role and they all have to do with Israel.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t believe the rapture is going to take place. I do, the church is a distinct group from Israel and God is going to call his church to be with himself before the 70 week of Daniel and that’s a whole other series that I know you have covered many times. But Jimmy I can’t emphasize what you just said enough and that is this is unique to Israel. All of these seven feasts are unique to Israel.

JD: Steve Herzig the National director of Friends of Israel with that Biblical teaching on the Feast of Trumpets.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As Steve told us the seven Jewish feast days given by God to the Jewish people are recorded in Leviticus chapter 23 and defines the Jewish feast days all seven of them for the Jewish people. For a prophecy teacher to say that the rapture happens on the feast of trumpets shows his lack of knowledge on the Bible. The Bible teaches the rapture can happen at any moment and does not have to wait until the feast of trumpets, that’s I Thessalonians 4:13-18. In fact, the rapture could even happen today. So my dear friend keep looking up.