June 22, 2018

There are major issues that the Southern Baptist Convention must consider for the future

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JD: What do you see as some of the biggest challenges facing the Southern Baptist Convention in the coming year?

DJ: Well I found someone who is in the Southern Baptist Convention and I would also say too I have been in contact with someone who actually in and of their own right has a very high profile ministry and who spoke at the convention. One of the things was there is a theological fault line in the reformed vs. Baptist movement. And there’s a strong movement within the Southern Baptist Convention and not just in the Southern Baptist Convention I would say in conservative evangelicalism as a whole to try to move evangelicalism to a five point Calvinist view point.

The second was that there’s church planting vs. church strengthening issue where there has historically been within the Southern Baptist Convention a real emphasis on evangelism and now there’s more of an emphasis on trying to grow mega churches. There’s also the issue between the old guard and the new guard not just among the leadership but in the congregations where you have the Millennials vs. the Baby Boomers and in between the Gen X group. So, moving toward a more digital way of dealing with ministry. There’s also issues regarding how you support missions, the Southern Baptist Convention has Lottie Moon offering where missionaries are paid a salary vs. faith promise. And then there’s the average church size even though there’s a lot of emphasis on success and mega churches. The average SBC church is actually only 145 members where as there are some multi thousand membered churches. This is also a major issue in the SBC Convention.

JD: David James with his observations surrounding the Southern Baptist Convention in the future and the issues they must consider.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David James revealed to us some very important issues facing the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination here in America. These are issues that must be considered prayerfully and Biblically. God’s word instructs all churches how to operate Biblically and these instructions are found in the Pastoral Epistles I & II Timothy.

Another church operation manual is found in Revelation chapter 2 & 3 the letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor. These two chapters are letters to the church then and today. They’re the last words of Jesus Christ for the church and are great letters of instruction for the church in the end times.