August 22, 2018

The Palestinian people want the United Nations to expel Israel because they believe they are a Jewish state

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JD: With new law that was passed by the Knesset they are now calling it the Nationality Law but however the Palestinian people they’ve gone to the United Nations with an effort to try and expel Israel. Winkie, just rehearse what is this Nationality Law.

WM: Well the Israel as a Jewish nation law actually sort of collects a lot of the either phrases or existing laws from the Declaration of Independence and other elements and puts them all into one declarative law. The law itself doesn’t punish anybody or anything it’s very as we say declarative. It talks about the Hebrew language, it talks about the Jewish nation, it talks about settlement in the State of Israel and also some other elements. Because of the fact that all these people who are angry as you mentioned especially Mr. Abbas are basically saying well there’s a Palestinian nation and you can’t interrupt our tread on our identity and yet at the same time deny us the Jewish people in the Land of Israel to whom the land belongs for over 3,000 years to say that we have no rights while keeping to themselves those same rights. They declare us discriminatory, non-democratic.

Jimmy all of these things are wrong and in fact all of these elements and the protest prove that basically the law was very much needed. And if it wasn’t for the Jewish democratic character of the state of Israel none of what they want would be able to be assured. They are going back and fourth trying some way to undermine the right of the Jews to a nation state that we’ve been talking about 15 years or more on these programs that’s trying to be denied to us.

JD: Winkie Medad with an explanation of the Nationality Law in Israel which is causing the Palestinian Authority to ask the United Nations to expel Israel from their membership.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Palestinian people are asking the United Nations to expel the State of Israel from UN membership because the Jewish nation is stating the obvious. Israel is a Jewish nation. In fact, they will be one forever according to the Abrahamic Covenant given to Abraham some 4,000 years ago, that’s Genesis chapter 15.

The Nationality Law states that Hebrew is the language for the Jewish State, that’s Jeremiah 31:23. And the Palestinians want to steal the Jewish State from the Jews, that’s Ezekiel 35:10.

All of these prophecies are ready to be fulfilled.