August 14, 2015

Russia's military is launching its biggest rearmament since Soviet times

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Russia's government will spend 650 billion dollars to rearm its military in the biggest makeover for the Russians since the times of the Soviet Union, a project that they say is needed because for two decades they have had no modernization in order to really protect their country.

Russia is the world's 5th largest military spender. They need, according to analysts, a strong conventional force to reduce its reliance on its aging Soviet missile nuclear deterrent. Russia's military leaders say this rearmament project will finally give them a modern top level arm of forces that are capable of protecting their homeland. The "Big Bear" is sharpening its teeth.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

For decades, during the Cold War, Russia was a major world military power and now as Russia's military rearms itself, it moves now onto the world stage in order to fulfill Bible prophecy for the last days.

The recent nonproliferation treaty signed by the US and Russia brought attention to the fact that Russia has fallen behind in military hardware to a place where Russia's leaders say they are not now prepared to defend their country. The recent announcement that Russia is planning to spend 650 billion dollars to rearm their military forces is evidence that the Russian leaders recognize their need to make preparations to defend the homeland but also to become once again a major world military power. This is a prerequisite to the prophetic scenario that can be found in the prophetic passages of God's Word.

Bible prophecy for the last days mentions a nation that will play the key role in forming a coalition of nations that will align themselves against the Jewish state of Israel. This scenario is laid out in the prophecies of Ezekiel written 2500 years ago. Ezekiel 38:2 mentions Gog in the land of Magog. Gog is the person, Magog, the place. Magog was a grandson of Noah, Genesis 10:2, who took his family and started a nation, Genesis 10:5, in what is today known as Russia. Ezekiel 38 reveals that Russia will lead a coalition of nations who will try and destroy the Jewish state of Israel in the first six months of the seven year Tribulation Period.

A rearmed Russian military does indeed set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.