August 28, 2015

Arabs, Jews, and even American political leaders offer harsh criticism of President Obama's new Middle East policy

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It did not take long after President Obama announced his new Middle East policy statement for harsh criticism to come from all sides. The Arabs, the Jews, and even United States political leaders said that Obama's new Middle East policy is putting the Jewish state of Israel in a situation where they will not be able to defend themselves. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that a Jewish state with the borders at the time of the Six Day War in 1967 are indefensible and it would be the beginning of the end for the Jewish state of Israel. 

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

President Obama's newly stated Middle East policy is in essence the fulfillment of one Bible prophecy and it sets the stage for all of Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. 

In his speech to make clear his new Middle East policy, President Obama made demands of the Jewish state of Israel that will make it impossible for Israel to defend itself from its many enemies in the Middle East. Of most concern to the leaders of Israel is the demand that Israel give back the land it took to establish a buffer zone between itself and its Arab enemies in 1967. 

As the political debates continue, the prophetic passages of God's Word give us great insight into the significance of Obama's new Middle East policy. As it relates to the land that Obama demands Israel give to the Palestinians, this land does not belong to the United States who are making these demands, but it does belong to God (Leviticus 25:23). As it relates to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, the Bible says that Jesus will return to this area and reign among the Jewish people from a temple on the Temple Mount forever (Zechariah 1:16, 6:12, Psalm 132:13-14). 

The fact that a Gentile world leader is dictating to the Jewish people about the Temple Mount and what should happen there is exactly what Jesus Christ said would happen - that Jerusalem would come under control of the Gentile world powers at the time of the end and remain under their control until He returns to the earth (Luke 21:24). 

In one speech, US President Obama has not only fulfilled Bible prophecy but he has also set the stage for additional Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.