September 02, 2019

Turkey wants a deal with Russia and at the same time is teaching their children in summer camps to call for the death of the Jews

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JD: Well you mentioned Turkey; can they seal a deal with Russia and then get northern Syria as well?

KT: That’s what they want. Now we’ll see what the Russian’s agree to because they are literally in the catbird seat there. So you have Erdogan this past week go to Moscow and meet with Putin and part on northern Syria of course they’re talking about northern Syria. But he got himself photographed at an air show in Moscow looking at the new 57 fighter. This is a 5th generation stealth plane. Perhaps a bit similar to the F-35 in the United States but is being counted as being something equivalent to the F-35. So Turkey is now looking to rush into buying aircraft as well.

JD: Erdogan the sly fox trying to manipulate his way to the position of being able to revive the Old Ottoman Empire. They have some summer camps there going on in Turkey and what’s been heard has been the young people there at the camps shouting death to the Jews. This is not a good sign.

KT: It’s disgraceful frankly Jimmy. It’s a disgrace on Turkey. It’s a disgrace on Erdogan. These seem to be summer camps that are some how sponsored by his political party. It’s outrageous clips of their chants.

This is like what we saw on Palestinian TV and saying that this is in the Quran which by the way of course it is. In the clips that have come out there’s a girl who’s leading these children in chants. She says the Jews and then they come back and they say death to the Jews. And then get this when she calls out Hagia Sophia which is an old Byzantine church-cathedral in Istanbul that Erdogan wants to convert into a mosque. They say it will be open. In other words it will be open as a mosque. So this is really a disgrace on Turkey and it shows Erdogan’s true nature I believe.   

JD: Ken Timmerman giving us the details on Turkey’s Erdogan working on a deal with Russia while at the same time teaching Turkish children to call for the death of the Jews.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan is driven by his desire to revive the Old Ottoman Empire. He is doing that as he also works on a deal with the Russians to control Turkey and northern Syria. Also at the same time Erdogan is running summer camps to train Turkish children to call for the death of the Jewish people. This scenario is actually taken from the pages of Bible prophecy that would be Ezekiel chapter 38. This prophecy will be fulfilled in the early part of the seven year Tribulation period. All of God’s prophetic word will be fulfilled.