August 28, 2018

Hamas, the Islamic terror group in the Gaza strip, says they will liberate Jerusalem

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JD: David, Hamas saying their goal is to liberate Jerusalem.

DD: Yes Jimmy and this comes as all sorts of developments this week really connected to Hamas. The Palestinian Authority imposed economic sanctions on its own people in the Gaza Strip to try to force Hamas out of power some are saying. They’re warning Israel that if Israel doesn’t put pressure on Hamas to stop this immediately Israel will pay the consequences. Defense Minister Lieberman said that he does not believe in any peace accord with Hamas. Hamas is a terror group he said they’ll always only be a terror group. He said what they can have is quiet. If they keep quiet they’ll have quiet and their economy can function. But if not if they continue attacks or won’t be quiet, well on Friday there was again a fire started a big forest fire started by one of those Palestinian incendiary balloons sent across the border to do just that. So it doesn’t look very quiet. But Peacock still going on in Cairo an official between Israel and Hamas basically and indirectly.

But again Lieberman saying well we might go for something temporary. And I’ve discussed this with you before they’re more worried about the situation which is escalating in the north. This is something they want to keep quiet if they can. But Hamas is determined to destroy Israel in the statement you began with. It just shows that once again Lieberman is right they are a terror organization that wants to see the total destruction of Israel while Israel’s just not going to sit and wait for that.

JD: David Dolan with the details on the Hamas statement that they plan to liberate Jerusalem and in fact all of Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave’s report indicates that the Islamic terror organization, Hamas is on the same page as the ancient Jewish prophets who wrote the end time scenario for the Israelis and the Palestinians. Malachi wrote that the Edomites the present day Palestinians would return and rebuild. Ezekiel in chapter 35 said that the descendants of Esau would rise up and kill the Jews and steal their land, that’s verses 5 & 10 of Ezekiel 35.

Obadiah wrote that the Palestinians would control the Temple Mount in Jerusalem at the end. That’s the location by the way in Jerusalem where the Palestinians will be destroyed as if they had never been, that’s Obadiah verses 15-18. The stage is set today for these prophecies to be fulfilled.