June 10, 2020

The Palestinians are warning Israel of a sacrificial war which will include suicide bombers

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JD: Well I understand that at the same time Mahmoud Abbas who is the President of the Palestinian Authority has said that intending violence is going to happen according to his organization and regardless of the extent of sacrifice. In other words he's promised an explosion which may result in many Palestinians dying in this conflict. Is he serious about this or is this just a move to try and gain power?

IM: I fear this time he is quite serious. As you know President Trump at the beginning of this year announced his idea for a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Part of the deal was Israel annexing and incorporating under Israeli law 30% or so of Judea and Samaria. Their fantasy belief that they would be able to destroy those Jewish towns and cities and expel the hundreds of thousands of Israelis who are living there. So that is what their fantasy was. It was never going to happen. They're going to be under Israeli law.

So like I say it's really just on paper. Abbas is going to use this as an excuse to start some kind of a terror war. We have had incessant warnings over the last few of days. They're running music videos with incredible violence and promotion of violence. Not so long ago they said put on your belts and blow them up in Haifa. Literally a call for suicide bombings in Israeli cities.

So what's happening is Abbas he looks for opportunities to start violence campaigns. Whenever he's had a violence campaign on a terror wave he becomes very popular. He's planning a terror wave excuse being that Israel is annexing 30% of the land on July 1st Israel would declare Israeli law on the places where Israeli's are living.

JD: Itamar Marcus with the details on a sacrificial war which will include suicide bombers which will be an explosion on the Jewish people of Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Itamar's report could actually have been taken from the pages of Bible prophecy. The ancient Jewish prophets foretold of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the last days. Malachi said that the Palestinians, the Edomites mentioned in the text Malachi chapter 1, would return for a conflict. Ezekiel wrote in Ezekiel 35 that they will return to kill the Jews and steal their land. Obadiah revealed that when Jesus returns to the Earth the Palestinians would be destroyed as if they had never been, that's Obadiah 18.

God's word is absolute.