February 27, 2020

The Desert in Israel today is a carpet of flowers and Israel is making ready to install a high speed train from the airport to the Temple Mount

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JD: I also understand the possibility that you can take the train from the airport all the way to the Temple Mount. What do you think the heart beat of the people? Do they want to have that train taking them to the Temple Mount?

JD Jr: No doubt about that dad. The religious people, the Jewish people flying in landing at Ben Gurion with in a half hours time you could be all the way to the Western Wall. The Israeli government has already approved it. The archeologist are a little bit upset as you would well know the Palestinians and even the country of Jordan. This tunnel that would go underneath the city of Jerusalem would be about a mile and a half long. You're talking about drilling through bedrock and limestone soil that has been there from 2,000 - 3,000 years. What artifacts would be there? So there are quite a few people that are not on board with this but the religious communities and those people coming in would whisk them right to the Western Wall Plaza.

JD: When you do your desert day down there near the Dead Sea and all along the Jordan Valley that it's almost like a carpet of flowers there in the area of the desert because of all the rain. That's going to be beautiful.

JD Jr: This has been truly a winter to remember here. The Sea of Galilee is over flowing they've had to open the Dams. The Jordan River that is overflowing. And consequently because of the rain when it comes down in Jerusalem it flows down to the lowest spot on the Earth 1,500 feet below sea level that for the first time the seeds that sit dormant under the ground in the desert for 10 - 20 years, when they finally get enough water they bloom. And usually it looks like you're right a desert but with so much rain it's going to be a carpet of flowers.

JD: Jim Jr with the details on how today the desert in Israel is a carpet of flowers and there will be a high speed train from the airport to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in the near future.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jim's report almost sounded as if he was reporting from Jerusalem during the Kingdom to come. Remember Isaiah 2:3 foretells of a time when we will say let us come and go up to the Temple Mount. Isaiah 35:1 & 2 reveals a time when the Israeli Desert will blossom as a rose. Now that's in the future Kingdom to come however today we can see the potential for these prophecies to be fulfilled.