April 09, 2020

Iran is ready to strike Israel even during the United States sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic

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JD: I get word out of Israel that they fear that Iran may take this time when the focus is on the coronavirus crisis to go about putting together their nuclear weapon of mass destruction. It's a possibility that could be happening would you not say?

KT: The reason Iran itself is a lawless state. The government itself is an international pariah. They have not respected any of the suggestions of the World Health Organization. They've not put people under lock down. Some of their members of Parliament have died of the coronavirus.

The Supreme leader Ali Khamenei bazaar terminology in his address to the nation suggesting that the coronavirus was the work of the United States. Would they use this as an occasion to step up their enrichment of nuclear weapons grade fuel is an open question. We know already that they have enough highly enriched uranium to make a single weapon. They could have a bunch more because the International Atomic Energy Agency the IAEA has suspended its inspections. So we don't really know the current state of Iran's nuclear weapons program. We know what they had available to them a month ago and that was enough weapons grade fuel for a single bomb.

We know from the Supreme leaders speech that he is extraordinarily paranoid and is willing to accuse outside forces to help its own people. I think that's what we are really looking at here. We're looking at a regime that's on the ropes. They can't deal with the health situation. They can't deal with the needs of the people in Iran. People are increasingly panicked over the coronavirus in Iran and the regime is not facing up to that. So yes they could strike out against foreign target. We don't know what they are capable of doing. We only know what the International Atomic Energy Agency has told us about the nuclear capabilities but we don't know what they could do with them.

JD: Ken Timmerman with details on the fact that Iran could strike Israel even during these times of US sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

A study of Ezekiel 38 is evidence that Persia, modern day Iran mentioned in verse 5, that Iran is ready to strike at any time the Jewish state of Israel. That prophetic scenario written some 2,500 years ago could be fulfilled very quickly. Even during the troublesome times in which we find ourselves. In fact, maybe more so today than later. Remember first the Rapture takes place and then this Iranian prophecy to be fulfilled.