January 24, 2018

The leaders of the Palestinian people say that President Trump is an evil man

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JD: Now lets go back to what is happening between President Trump and Mahmoud Abbas who is the President of the Palestinian Authority. When Donald Trump declared Jerusalem the political capital of the Jewish state of Israel Mahmoud Abbas the President of the Palestinian Authority went livid. He said this was a declaration of war. And from that point he and the President had been going back and fourth. I’m very much concerned about the fact that Mahmoud Abbas is not telling the truth. President Trump at least is telling the truth about the Palestinians and what’s happening. But Mahmoud Abbas is somewhat demonizing the President, the United States. I mean give us a report on what’s really going on.

IM: The Palestinian Authority leadership and the Fatah the so called moderate Fatah leadership they have been literally that was the proper word they’ve been demonizing Trump. And I’ll just give you an example, one of their political cartoons had a picture of a garbage can and the garbage can was Trump’s face and the cover of the garbage can was Trump’s hair, and the foot that you step on was Trump’s tongue. And into the garbage can was being thrown Trump’s declaration about Jerusalem. Now, that is not a political statement that’s a disgusting statement saying you are garbage Donald Trump.

All through the Palestinian areas they have been burning Trump in effigy and burning his picture. The Palestinian official media and Fatah official media have been giving a lot of exposure to this putting it on their Facebook pages letting people see look at these pictures we’re burning him, he’s an evil person.

JD: Itamar Marcus with the report that President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority says that President Trump is an evil man.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The President of the Palestinian Authority has called President Trump an evil man. That is ironic when the truth be know Mahmoud Abbas is a Holocaust denier. He tells the world that there is a Palestinian state, and there has never been such a state. And he urges the Palestinian people to kill the Jews and then steal their land. By the way that’s Ezekiel chapter 35.

The Palestinian people have been evil since their forefather Esau said that he was going to kill his brother Jacob. That was the beginning of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which you can trace from Esau to Amalekite through Aman and then to Herod the Great all Palestinians who wanted to kill the Jews. Bible prophecy foretold this end time scenario.