March 23, 2020

Christians must obey the laws of man if they do not contradict the laws of God

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JD: Sam, you and your team what are you recommending to these pastors as it relates to their services or how they should continue to minister in their churches?

SR: Jimmy we're first of all saying that this is when the understanding of a Biblical world view in talking and preaching about the Bible in times of prosperity and peace actually becomes a very practical application once we move into a time where we now have government actually passing regulations, laws varying degrees of levels of the civil authority that limit the gathering together of churches.

Pastors across the country are struggling with that as services are having to be redirected because civil government says we don't want 50 or more people together or 100 or more. Now as many cases 10 or more. Where can we go and find the bottom line Biblical principles? And for us that takes us back how has God set up society? Where you have a family. You have civil government authority and you have church authority. We are to submit ourselves to the civil authorities. We do that as long as and up until the point that civil authority crosses the line and tries to confront what God has said for us to do. That's always been the principle through time. So if government says because of the need of being concerned for the lives of people we are asking everyone not, for a temporary period of time that is the key, stay away from each other. Then in fact that being a law of civil government that the church in fact ought to try and observe that. So observe the laws of government to the extent that they do not cross or contradict the laws of God.

JD: Sam Rohrer the host of the Stand in the Gap Today and Radio Television programs explaining how Christians must obey the laws of man as long as these laws do not contradict the laws of God.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sam in consultation with many pastors across America came up with some very practical suggestions for pastors in light of the Coronavirus crisis and what churches need to be doing during these troublesome times. This crisis can also be used to remind all lost people, those without Jesus Christ as their Savior to consider Jesus as their hope for today. What we see happening today is the prophetic scenario for tomorrow in the Tribulation period. All of us must prepare today for tomorrow.