January 29, 2019

Russia has told Israel to stop all air strikes on Iranian targets in Syria

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JD: Russia has told Israel to stop any air strikes on Syria. Is that something that could bring a confrontation face-to-face, head-to-head between Russia and Israel if indeed Israel does continue to defend themselves with these air strikes?

DD: Well Jimmy really without sounding too ominous it brings Russia fully now into the enemy of Israel category. Now I have to say that still the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying we don’t want to see an escalation, we don’t want to see war in the region. But they are now openly telling the Israeli’s stop all attacks against Iranian and Syrian targets of course Iranian targets have been the main ones until now that Israel has been striking. They call them arbitrary strikes. Well there not arbitrary they’re happening because Iran is massing forces in Syria. There’s aircraft landing everyday at Damascus Airport from Iran carrying more weapons and carrying more men. They’re also flying into Beirut Airport.

But Iran is on the warpath Jimmy. It’s clear that they feel they’re ready to go and that of course means Israel has to be ready to go. For Israel to set up its iron dome system right outside of Ben Gurion Airport and outside of Tel Aviv is a signal, a strong signal that they expect conflict. And Jimmy there has been a military callout going on. Reports about it appeared on some of the largest Israeli papers and then they suddenly disappeared a few hours later. Well I’ve seen that in the past when war seemed to be eminent, the military sensor gets active and starts to control the news. All the pieces seem to be in place for a major explosion and Israel needs those guardian angels like never before.

JD: David Dolan with his Middle East news update which includes a report that Russia has told Israel to stop all airstrikes on any Iranian targets in Syria.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Russia now believes that they have control of the Middle Eastern region well enough to direct the Israeli defense force to stop all air strikes on Iranian targets in Syria. That regional control of the Middle East is evidence that the ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel had it right when he wrote 2,500 years ago that Russia would lead the coalition of Middle Eastern Islamic states to destroy the Jewish state of Israel, that prophecy found in Ezekiel 38:2 where Magog is modern day Russia. With Russia as the major player in the Syrian conflict it seems that Ezekiel’s prophecy is about to be fulfilled.