December 11, 2015

Israeli PM Netanyahu tells newly arriving Jewish immigrants that they are the protectors of the Jewish future

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Recently, a planeload of over 350 Jewish immigrants arrived in Israel to be welcomed by the prime minister who told these Jews they would be the protectors of the future for the Jewish people and actually the Jewish state of Israel.

The Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharonsky, himself an immigrant from Russia, said it was tremendously moving to see hundreds of new immigrants disembarking from the plane to become Israelis who will strengthen the future of Israel.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Hundreds of new Jewish immigrants arriving in Israel recently were welcomed by the prime minister and told they are the protectors of the future for the Jews, a statement that can be confirmed by Bible prophecy.

The modern day state of Israel is made up of Jews from 108 nations of the world that arrived in Israel over the last 100 years who have returned to the land of their forefathers. The establishment of the Jewish state after 2000 years without a structured nation of people in their homeland has been applauded by many world leaders. In fact, most of these leaders believe it was a miracle to see a people scattered across the world come together to form a modern day state. However at the same time, in the Middle East there has risen a group of nations, the Arab nations that reject the right of the Jews to have a state in the land of their forefathers. Israeli PM Netanyahu was correct when he greeted these new immigrants with the statement that they will be the protectors of the future for the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

Bible prophecy actually does confirm the prime minister's statement. The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel foretold of a day when Jews would be gathered from all over the world back into the land of their forefathers, Ezekiel 37:7 and 34. Ezekiel 37:8 says that not only would the Jews return to their land, but they would be restored as a nation in that land in the last days. Ezekiel 35 reveals that the Palestinian people would rise up to kill numbers of those returning Jews and try to take their God-given land. Ezekiel 38 tells of a coalition of nations that will try and wipe the Jewish state off of the map.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu said to those returning Jews to Israel, they will indeed play a role in Israel's future.