March 12, 2020

An Iranian leader says that the Coronavirus is a Chinese biological weapon of mass destruction

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JD: Soleimani of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard core is saying that the Chinese Coronavirus is actually biological warfare. What do we know about this?

KT: It's a bizarre statement. It's a very bizarre statement especially because Iran desperately needs China as an ally. They need China to continue to buy Iranian oil on the black market and they need Chinese technology. So for General Soleimani who is the new head of the IRGC the Islamic Revolutionary Guard's Core to call Coronavirus a biological weapon when everybody knows that its come from China is something I think very strange and very bizarre. It shows that this virus has really hit the Iranian regime much harder than people realize.

The Deputy Health Minister was on National Television earlier this week saying they had everything under control and he was coughing on the program and the next day he was diagnosed with the Coronavirus. You have a top aide to the Ayatollah, a guy name Mirmohammadi who died this past week from the Coronavirus. It is far more lethal in Iran than any place else in the world. So what we don't know is that it would appear that there are many many more cases of Coronavirus in Iran and it has even senior people like General Soleimani very worried.

JD: Ken Timmerman explaining why the Coronavirus is not a Chinese biological weapon of mass destruction.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

General Soleimani's statement that the Chinese Coronavirus is a biological weapon of mass destruction does not seem to be true according to the reasoning of Ken Timmerman in his report. However it is real. This pandemic disease is a game changer in Iran and may well be the same thing around the world in the near future.

Jesus Christ in the Olivet Discourse mentioned pestilence, that's Matthew 24:7. That word pestilence mean infectious disease happening on a pandemic scale. As the Coronavirus continues to spread from nation to nation and town to town we must realize that Jesus could have very well meant this time in history that he was referring to. Iran's pandemic of the Coronavirus in this Islamic country should alert the world where we are in God's prophetic scenario for the future.