August 10, 2018

False prophets today are distorting current events to mislead true Christians in the last days, a perfect example the blood moons and earthquakes in Israel

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JD: David, another problem is that although clearly nothing at all happened in connection with these lunar eclipses these guys who are propagating this information still have ministries and they have strong followings. I mean this is troubling.

DJ: I would agree with you and I think it’s really tragic. Many of these guys are lining their pockets and a lot of people fall into this trap. In fact you and I are both aware that there are a lot of people people who continually chase the most recent thing that’s going on in the prophecy world. Some people have sold all of their belongings. There are even reports that people actually took their lives committed suicide because what they prophesied didn’t take place and people became disillusioned. And part of that disillusionment is that people actually turn away from solid prophecy teachers and they turn away and say well these guys never get it right and we all get lumped together.

JD: David the video we talked about earlier also mentioned earthquakes in Israel trying to tie those earthquakes to end time events as well.

DJ: And I actually did some research on earthquakes in Israel and it lists the number of earthquakes in Israel. And the fact is Israel sits on the Rift Valley which goes from Northern Israel all the way down into Africa. It’s part of the continental plates. And so of course Israel is going to be one of those high earthquake regions of the world and in fact we know when the Lord returns there’s going to be a major earthquake that’s going split the Mt. of Olives and it’s going to open a path all the way to the Jezreel Valley. But the fact that there are all of these earthquakes going on, they’ve been going on for years and even if they maybe increasing we can’t tie that with a direct connection to end times prophecy. It’s a natural part of what is happening on the earth just as the lunar eclipses are natural events.

JD: David James Bible in hand to alert the true Christians about current events and God’s prophetic plan for the future.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David’s report is a real warning to the body of Christ about the false prophets who are distorting the prophetic scenario that is found in the Bible. Jesus in Matthew 7:15 warned of false prophets that would come on the scene in the last days that’s also a warning that’s found in Matthew 24:11.

These are the days that Jesus was referring to in his sermon on the Mount and the Olivet Discourse. A study of God’s prophetic word will help you to discern the truth in God’s plan for the future.