March 15, 2017

The military leaders of Russia, Turkey and the United States are meeting to discuss US troops on the ground in Syria

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JD: Looks like indeed the Marines are on the move they are going into Syria; talk to me about this situation.

KT: Well that’s right Jimmy, the latest reports are that there are 400 US troops who have been sent into Syria. They include US Marines but there are also US Army rangers on the ground and other special forces. But, clearly Raqqa is a target in Syria and some of these troops have been going into the area around Raqqa with heavy artillery and air support.

JD: It looks like this is not an off the cuff decision by President Trump but instead in consultation with his military leaders. They should know the area of the world, this region and what needs to be done. I understand that United States, Russian, and Turkish military leaders have gotten together to discuss the whole situation.

KT: Well there you go, this is not an isolated action as you say. This is something that’s being taking most likely in concertation with both the Russians and the Turks. Remember on the ground in Syria you have a really complicated situation. You look at a map of who controls what territory and who’s aligned with whom, and it’s a viper’s nest.

These US forces that have just been deployed have got the Russian’s on one side with the Syrian’s and Iranian’s, the Turks behind them on another side not fighting on the same side with us, and then you have the Kurdish forces that we appear to be supporting. It’s a very complicated situation; our troops could be fired upon from many sides at once. That’s why you saw General Dunford the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff dispatched for talks with his Russian and Turkish colleagues to try and de-conflict all this to make sure that there aren’t casualties by accidental fire or perhaps directed fire by the Russians and the Turks.

JD: Ken Timmerman from Washington DC with information about US troops on the ground in Syria.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Trump administration has deployed US troops to northern Syria supposedly to go to Raqqa to defeat Islamic state. These military actions being discussed between Russian, Turkish, and American military leaders has focused the world on Syria.

Syria is a nation that is a major player in Bible prophecy. Known as the king of the north, Daniel 11:40 which is Syria today; Syria will be the first nation of the alignment of nations to move against the Jewish state to destroy Israel. That is foretold in Joel 2:1-3 and Daniel 11:40-43. Russia and Iran plus Turkey will be a part of that prophetic scenario as well.

The stage is set, Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.