June 04, 2019

The Syrian War is not over as Turkey comes to the rescue of anti-Assad terror groups

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JD: The Syrian war is really not over it’s beginning to escalate up there in Idlib; talk to us about that.

KT: Well this is a new wrinkle and everyone had expected that war to slowly wind down that Assad had won. But guess what? Turkey now has thrown their weight in and they are sending large amounts of heavy weaponry to some of the Islamic groups in Syria fighting Assad and Turkey is backing them.

By the way just as Turkey backed ISIS in the beginning people should not forget that ISIS was being armed through Turkey and they were able to sell their oil through Turkey. So Turkey has been a lifeline to these Islamist groups in Syria. The surprise here is that they’re continuing to do so today with yet another Islamic group to keep this Civil War in Syria alive.

JD: What do you think the motivation for Turkey getting involved like this is Ken?

KT: Well I think the Turks are trying to do two things. Of course they’re trying to keep some pressure on Assad, they want to maintain their position as a player in the future of Syria. But I think they’re also hoping to kind of tweak the no’s of the United States a little bit. We have been very critical of the Turks because of their position towards our Kurdish allies in Northern Syria. They want to wack the Kurds, that’s what Turks tend to do and we’ve told them not to do so.

So by sending heavy weapons to another Islamic group that Islamic group is undoubtedly going to be confronting the Kurds in Northern Syria. They’re going to be clashing with the Kurds and fighting for territory. And the Turks are using them as a surrogate to tell the United States we’re still here you have to deal with us too.

JD: Ken Timmerman with information about the Turkish assistance to anti-Assad terrorist rebels located there in Northern Syria.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Political leaders are saying that the Syrian Civil War has finished or is about to come to an end; the facts on the ground contradict that claim. The Syrian Civil War is not over. Ken’s report is the latest from that war torn region there in Northern Syria in a place called Idlib. What we see is that God’s prophetic scenario is playing out in the Middle East.

The ancient Jewish prophets wrote of God’s plan for the area. Both Ezekiel and Daniel pre-wrote the facts on the ground today. Today in Syria at Israeli’s northern border we have Russia, Iran and Turkey all in Syria ready to turn against the Jewish state of Israel which is found in Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 11. These prophets recorded what will happen in the last days.