March 21, 2018

The Palestinians say that they have a peace plan that they want the Israeli's to consider

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JD: The Palestinian peace plan seems to be, we’re not going to cooperate with anybody ultimately we want to wipe out the Jewish state of Israel. That’s not a peace plan that’s a declaration of killing every Jew you can get insight, right?

DD: Jimmy this whole talk of a renewed peace plan really came from the United States from the new Trump administration about a year ago. There’s no peace process going on Jimmy. The Palestinian’s are in total disarray. We had an attempt on the life of the Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Hamdallah in the Gaza Strip, a very powerful bomb. And then the PA Abbas and others blamed Hamas for that. The Israeli’s are preoccupied with Lebanon, Syria, and Iran and all that’s going on there.

Mean while Jimmy, Israeli press reports are saying this week that a meeting on Tuesday at the White House which was to discuss the Gaza Strip and it’s aid problems, and their financial problems, and electricity problems etc. that Greenblatt told the Arab participants that the Trump administration is going to quietly put to bed its peace proposal for now. And there's various reasons for that of course one being Jared Kushner lost his White House top security clearance.

The President has apparently realized that it’s a much tougher issue that you may believe in the heart of the deal but this is the deal that nobody’s been able to make for decades and they thought they made it so many times. The opportunities were there so many times. So, it looks like the Trump administration has decided this is what Israeli press reports again are saying. We haven’t had the White House confirm this but they have decided to quietly put the whole thing back on the back burner where it was. The Israeli’s I can tell you would be thrilled with that because they see no chance of a peace treaty with the Palestinians at this time. It just being discussed causes more tensions and more terrorism and more anticipations that are not met. It’s better to just leave it unless there is a real chance of a break through which at the present time is approximately zero.

JD: David Dolan with the details on the Palestinian peace plan.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

When you understand the Palestinian peace plan you must understand it is a plan to kill the Jews and destroy the state of Israel. David Dolan is right, there is no plan to bring resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The ancient Jewish prophet Daniel revealed when there will be a peace a sudo peace in place. It will be at the beginning to the tribulation period. Daniel 9:27 reveals that the antichrist will confirm the three peace treaties already on the table. That sudo peace plan is very soon to be fulfilled.