September 20, 2017

The so-called prophetic phenomenon to happen on September 23rd is fake news

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JD: I want to talk about a heavenly phenomenon that’s supposed to be coming up on September 23rd. You’re an astronomer and I understand there’s something out there called astrology. What are the differences between astronomy and astrology?

DD: Astronomy Jimmy is a good creditable study of the creation of the heavens the sun, moon, and stars. Astrology is counterfeit as if those stars and planets some how control our destiny. Astrology gets into horoscopes and the zodiac and those other areas. I prefer to stick to astronomy, which is a good study of creation.

JD: When you go to the Internet and Bible prophecy teachers and everybody else talking about what’s going to happen. They’re talking about Virgo and Leo. Now they are calling them constellation. What is a constellation?

DD: Well Jimmy a constellation is just an association of a group of stars. Constellations can have bright and dim stars in it. Virgo is one that is well known it’s some seen as a picture of a woman. We’re not sure the origin of these constellations they go way back in time. They’re groups of stars that just help us be familiar with a night sky. And yes a special interest in September is Virgo is supposed constellation showing a woman in the sky.

JD: But they are saying there’s going to be a special alignment and that’s going to be a sign in heaven and you’re saying this is just normal activity and there’s nothing really special about this alignment?

DD: Well yes, the sun moves through that constellation every year for about a month the moon more often. Now it is interesting this fall in the vicinity of Virgo there are around several planets Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter as they make their rounds. But there’s no exact alignment it’s not in a shape of a crown. Again there is a lot of imagination that goes there.

JD: Having thought all that through now and seeing what’s going on in the heavenlies especially in the month of September do you see any connection at all with that so called alignment there in Virgo and prophecy itself?

DD: No, I certainly do not. In this day Jimmy with the social media, with the You Tube it has a life of its own and these stories go on and on. Now, the Lord can return any time he wants no man knows when that will be but September will be a normal fall as best as we can tell with the heavens up there declaring God’s glory.

JD: Astronomer Dr. Don DeYoung with that information.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God’s word is absolute when it comes to understanding the future. We do not look to the stars for Bible prophecy. The Bible itself contains all that we need to know about the future not the stars.