November 28, 2012

The last Jews in Ethiopia prepare for a trip to the promised land

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The last 2000 Ethiopian Jews are preparing to immigrate to Israel which will mark the first and only time an entire country's Jewish population will leave their homeland and travel to the land of their forefathers, traveling to what they claim to be God-given land.

Operation Moses in 1985, when as many as 20000 Ethiopian Jews left for Israel, many of them by foot through Sudan saw the first immigration of these Jews of Ethiopia to the Jewish state of Israel.

In May of 1991, 15000 Ethiopian Jews were crowded into a series of non stop air flights over a 36 hour period of time into Israel in what was called Operation Solomon - most likely the greatest airlift in history.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As 2000 Ethiopian Jews prepare to travel to the Jewish state of Israel the last chapter for these Jews will be completed and will result in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy for the last days.

In 1985, 20000 Jews from Ethiopia made their way, many by foot to Israel and fulfilled their obligation as a Jew to return home to the land of their forefathers during what was called Operation Moses. In May of 1991 a special airlift called Operation Solomon brought 15000 Ethiopian Jews to Israel. Now, the last of the Ethiopian-Jewish community is preparing to travel to Israel as well.

The ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel foretold of a time when the Lord would bring all Jews from the four corners of the earth back to the homeland, the land of the Jewish forefathers, Ezekiel 34. In fact, another Jewish prophet, Zephaniah wrote 2500 years ago that the Lord would bring the Ethiopian Jews back home as well, Zephaniah 3:10. The return of the Ethiopian Jews is only part of the entire Jewish world coming back to Israel and establishing a Jewish state which is foretold in Ezekiel 37:7-8. Out of 108 nations of the world over the last 100 years Jews have been coming home and the remaining Jewish worldwide community will do the very same thing in the near future.

Operation Moses in 1985, Operation Solomon in 1991, and this next and last immigration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel is indeed a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.