November 06, 2019

The universe that is made up of over one hundred billion galaxies is expanding

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JD: There’s a telescope that is tracking 35 million galaxies at one time.

DD: Well that is true Jimmy. This telescope yes can look at multiple objects at the same time.

JD: How many different galaxies are in the entire universe?

DD: Ours is the Milky Way galaxy and a typical galaxy holds about a hundred billion stars. And it’s that very same number that we have for the observed galaxies. Then a hundred billion galaxies are known. But anyways to answer your number yes, a hundred billion galaxies.

JD: One hundred billion that’s a “b” that many galaxies and the Lord only used four words and the stars also. In the article seemingly was talking about dark energy that they are hunting out there.

DD: As they look at these distant galaxies and measure their light. One thing that they’ll tell them is the motion of these galaxies that is the universe is expanding surprised to astronomers proposed that there’s some sort of force which is the opposite of gravity. Instead of attracting it’s repelling and pushing the galaxies outward. And so they’ve called it dark energy. It’s just a mysterious force which is spreading the galaxies out. But in their big bang cosmology there must be something ever increasingly pushing the galaxies outward, they call it dark energy.

JD: Well you’re a creationist. Is indeed the universe expanding?

DD: Jimmy the universe does seem to be expanding outward. You know I’m reminded of that verse over in Isaiah 42 where God says He made the universe and stretched them out. The universe is still large and getting larger. Now I reject the whole big bang idea. God made this universe again in a dynamic situation with great distance. You create galaxies and just have them sitting still in space then gravity would take over and everything would start to fall inward and we would have an unstable universe. So you need to have this outward motion really for a stable universe the kind of cosmos that God made.

JD: Dr. Don DeYoung explaining our ever expanding universe.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Don DeYoung who is a creationist says that the universe must expand that’s according to the scriptures and according to the law of gravity. If this is not the case we would have an unstable universe with one hundred billion galaxies. As true as creation is and God as the creator so is his plan for the end times and the future of this world. Revelation chapter 1 says that Jesus is the Alpha the beginning and also the Omega the end. Bible prophecy like creationism is absolute. God is God.