March 05, 2018

The United States Ambassador to Israel has warned that if the Jewish settlements are evacuated there could be a civil war

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JD: That Ambassador from the United States to Israel David Friedman I understand that he’s made a statement or actually a warning if they start to evacuate the Jewish settlements there could be a civil war. What would your comments be on the statement by the US Ambassador?

WM: Well of course the possibility exists but I’d like to stress to you and our listeners the hypocrisy in the liberal press here in Israel and other places that the sparagingly reported on his remark as if he was saying something that they themselves haven’t said for decades or reported on and making it seem as if he was interfering in Israeli politics. He was making an observation, which anyone with half a brain would have made. The possibility does exist.

In fact, one of the threats against those who opposed the disengagement if you remember Jimmy in 2005 was oh they’re going to start a civil war they’re going to demonstrate violently. Then it was ok for them to raise it but when Mr. Friedman simply mentions it as part of an analysis they get all upset. And I think that indicates Jimmy to you and your listeners that you must listen to all opinions but be able to analyze and understand what is going on by listening to the correct people who have given you the proper insight based not only on politics but as we you and I Jimmy try to do when you do interview me we base ourselves on history, on the Bible, on the prophets and on elements that I think every good thinking people should be aware of if only it is brought to his attention.

JD: Winkie Medad with the details on a possible civil war in the Jewish state of Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As Winkie said it is very possible for a civil war to take place in Israel. In fact, that’s exactly what Bible prophecy foretells in the book of Ezekiel 37:15-23. The prophet Ezekiel has prewritten history when he talks about two Jewish states in Israel in the last days. One of those states will be Israel the other will be called Judea a second Jewish state which is ready to be formed today in the land that God has given the Jewish people. They have a name Judea. They have a constitution and they have a plan ready to put that state up according to Burke and Joseph the man who is leading that move to bring about a second Jewish state because of the conflict over the Jewish settlements located in Judea and Samaria.