November 16, 2017

Almost three-quarters of the Israeli Jews say that they want the right to pray on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

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JD: Sixty-eight percent of all Israeli’s, that’s about two-thirds and almost three-quarters of the Israeli’s want the right to be able to pray on the Temple Mount and that the Temple Mount should be under the sovereignty of Israel. What are your thoughts?

DD: Well again Jimmy three thousand years ago that became the holiest site on earth for the Jewish people when Solomon built the Temple up there after Gods command. A thousand five hundred years the Moslems have claimed it for half that time. But, the Jews are back after a long exile. This is the center of their faith, the center of their world and they’re not going to give it up, and they should be able to pray up there.

JD: David Dolan with the details on the story about almost three-quarters of all the Jews wanting the right to be able to pray on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

For over three thousand years Jews have been praying on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It’s clear however that these Jews for the last two thousand years have not been praying at the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. That Temple, the second Temple was destroyed by the Roman Army in 70 AD.

The Bible does call for Jews to pray three times per day and they are to face where the previous Temples stood as they pray. It is not only a right they have but it is a command from God that they must pray facing towards the Temple Mount if they are not in the city of Jerusalem and of course without a Temple on the Temple Mount it’s difficult to follow through with the command of God. But from where ever they are around the world three times a day a Jew is to face towards Jerusalem towards the Temple Mount and pray unto the Lord.

However, the need for the Temple to be there and to focus on at their prayer times is still very much in the hearts of many Jewish people. In fact, a group the Temple Institute have been working to prepare to rebuild that Temple. They followed all the directions in God’s word. And by the way where those Temples stood the next two Temples will stand one day as well. That would be the Tribulation Temple and Messiah’s Temple.

Since the Temple Mount is the center of controversy Zechariah 12:2, it will be difficult for the Jews to rebuild that next Temple. The Tribulation Temple, that’s the next Temple is ready to be rebuilt as it is called for in Bible prophecy which would be Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15, and Revelation 11:12.