January 11, 2018

The Roman Church says that the Virgin Mary was born without sin, lived a sinless life and never died, she just went into heaven

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JD: The Pope on the 163rd Anniversary of the proclamation of this making the statement that the Virgin Mary never sinned and never died.

MG: Well that’s true. In fact, back in 1854 there was an infallible Pope that pronounced the immaculate conception of Mary that she was conceived without sin and then she went on to live a sinless life. Some of the Catholics who had read the Bible recognized that sin is what causes death and since Mary never sinned they asked where’s her body. And so in 1950 they had to proclaim another infallible dogma that her body was assumed in Heaven that she never did die because she never did sin. So, one lie lead to another lie in Catholic theology.

JD: And then the Pope, Pope Francis had to confirm that. I have traveled extensively in the Middle East. I’ve been over to Turkey a number of times. In Turkey in the community of Ephesus the Lord had exhorted John to take care of his mother. And traditionally they say that where this church is located was the burial site for the Virgin Mary. Now there’s a church right next door to the garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem and the tradition is that that’s the location of the burial site for Mary. So, if you have these two traditional sites looks like she did die because they buried her.

MG: Not all Catholics will believe that Mary never did die. In fact, it wasn’t until the infallible dogmas of 1854 and 1950 that they declare that she never had died. So, you can see that they have changed with every wind of doctrine along the way.

JD: Mike Gendron explaining how the Bible contradicts the Roman church about the Virgin Mary.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

In this report from Mike Gendron we see how the Roman Church is wrong about the Virgin Mary. The Bible says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Mary did sin that’s Romans 3:23. The wages of sin according to Romans 6:23 would be death therefore Mary did die as well and did not go into Heaven in her natural body.

The Roman Church is wrong about the Virgin Mary according to the Bible. Church tradition is not the absolute. The Bible is God’s word and that is the absolute. In fact, it tells us of a world wide false church that one day will be headquartered in Roman Italy. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.