October 04, 2016

Israeli technicians have virtually unwrapped a burnt scroll, which sets the stage to rebuild the next Jewish temple

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JD: For years we’ve been reporting the preparations for the rebuilding of the next Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Now Israeli technology has allowed for a Biblical foundation to rebuild the next Temple. My oldest son, Jim Jr reports on the virtual unwrapping of a burnt scroll that gives us key scriptures for the instructions of the next Temple.

JR: It actually contains portions of the book of Leviticus. This scroll, a charred scroll was found back in 1970. You know, you and I had the privilege when we were doing television here of watching Russian Jews, who had come from Russia, working on the Dead Sea scrolls, and we saw how they were meticulously pulling them apart and sewing them onto cheesecloth.  Well, these charred En Gedi scrolls were found. There wasn’t much they could do with it, it was actually found in what they call the Holy Ark. It was a scroll, it was burnt about 600 AD.

The Israelis decided to try and figure out and use modern technology. A micro CT scanner,  that’s basically they’re using x-ray computed tomography. It’s the same type of process that people go through when you go to a medical doctor to have an x-ray on your body. That same technology; and they would use that to scan these scrolls. They don’t have to unroll them. Remember, these are parched and every time they would touch one of these scrolls they would disintegrate so they had to figure out a way to see if there was anything of importance on these scrolls.

They were able to scan and they found, believe it or not, as they went through and ran several passes on it, that in the ink there was some sort of metal parts to the ink. They were able to take pictures of these rolls, dissecting these rolls. And then they couldn’t figure it out, they sent it to the antiquity department here, they virtually unwrapped this scroll; and they saw portions of the book of Leviticus.

JD: My son, Jim Jr. reporting from Jerusalem, this amazing discovery.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The book of Leviticus gives the instructions for the next Jewish Temple that will stand in Jerusalem.

God gave the book of Leviticus to the Jewish people to give them instructions on how to operate the Temple. To do the sacrificial system, to select the priest that will preform these sacrifices, and then the method of worship in the Temple. The Jews now preparing to build the next Temple in Jerusalem now have the instructions and can move ahead in rebuilding that Temple, on the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem.

Bible prophecy will indeed be fulfilled.