December 06, 2016

Islamic State is at Israel's Northern and Southern borders, threatening to attack the Jewish State

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JD: Talk to me about Israel in battles with Islamic State in the Golan Heights. What’s the latest there?

DD: Well there was another incident early this week where some fire, the Israelis believe deliberately aimed at Israeli forces on the Golan Heights from positions that Islamic State is known to hold, there actually old UN buildings. The UN buffer force that was there, mostly gone now and ISIS is taking over those buildings. The Israeli’s responded by sending their air force into action. There were rockets fired by ISIS, the Israelis fired back, and again, said that we’re going to continue to the Israeli leaders, that we are going to continue to monitor the situation and to respond when we have too to any terror attacks.

Again Jimmy, its not just in theory anymore that this new Islamic movement, its really not new its just recreation of Al- Qaeda. But they are right on Israel’s border, no longer just saying that they are going to one day strike Israel, but now they are actually starting to launch small scale. but never the less, attacks upon Israel. And the Israelis are certainly going to try and do everything the can to prevent that.

JD:  Well they’re not only in the northern border; they’re in the Golan Heights, and there in the area south of the Gaza Strip, in the Sinai as well ready to attack, aren’t they?

DD: They are, and they’ve been mainly focusing their attacks there on Egyptian Police and military forces. But there is a long border, of course, in that case Israel has a security fence that was put up several years ago after a number of cross border attacks from terror groups based in Sinai. As you know there is also one on the Golan Heights but rockets and mortar shells and these sort of things can cross over those fences, and that’s what they’re most worried about. There are Israel communities very close to the Egyptian Sinai and of course, the Golan, and so military on alert in both places.

JD: David Dolan with that Middle East news update. We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

In the last days Israel will be a land of conflict.

David Dolan’s report alerted us to the fact that Islamic State is ready to attack Israel from the North and from the South.

Daniel 11:40 foretells of the King of the North and the King of the South attacking the Jewish State of Israel. A closer study of that passage reveals that the King of the North is geographically Syria, and the King of the South is geographically Egypt. Right now Islamic State in Syria and Egypt, ready to attack the Jewish State.

The stage is set for Israel to be the land of conflict. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.