December 23, 2016

Many Christians say that we should not celebrate Christmas because of its connections to pagan worship

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JD: Wow, David this is a very important time of the year of course and there’s a certain segment of the church that goes out of it’s way to link the various aspects of Christmas to ancient pagan practices and to try to make the case that Christians actually should not celebrate Christmas at all; your thoughts?

DJ: Well that’s right, I think you and I are on the same page on this that we believe Christians can and should celebrate Christmas but there are those who argue for example that Christmas is a Catholic term. Some say that Christmas has pagan origins because December 25th is close to the winter soltice and connected with the ancient pagan festival of saturnalia some connect decorated Christmas trees being tied to Celtic druids and other European pagan customs, others say that Christ couldn’t have been born in December because being a lamb of God his birth would have been tied to the spring birth of lambs.

JD: You know, isn’t it true that many completely Biblical things in Christianity do actually have counter parts in pagan religions anyway?

DJ: Well it’s that’s true, and Satan has always been counterfeiting in things of God and sometimes he even put them in place before God put His Holy things in place. For example in paganism there are sacred places of worship and there were temples and sacrifices. In the ancient mystery religions for example the Greek mystery religions which I think was causing a lot of problems in Corinth there were ritual baths which has a counter part with baptism there were communal meals which has a counter part in the Lords table. They talked about union with the Gods, which is a counter part to our being united with the Lord through the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact the ancient Egyptians apparently practiced circumcision before they had contact with Abraham and that became sign of the Abrahamic Covenant. There were mother son cults throughout the ancient near East where they said a God was born of a virgin and even Pharaoh is considered a incarnation of the Sun God Raw who would have been considered the light of the world. So there are facts that Satan tries to obscure the truth of what God is doing and sometimes anticipates or has a false counter part.

JD: David James with great insight into the subject should Christians celebrate Christmas.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

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Satan does not want us to celebrate Christmas.

To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ is a thorn in the side of Satan. Satan said that he would be like God, that’s Isaiah 14:14. Satan also wants our worship. Satan said that he in fact would be worshiped in Jerusalem, that’s Isaiah 14:13. It’s not Satan but Jesus Christ who deserves our worship and our celebration.