July 18, 2013

The British government fears a chemical catastrophe if Bashar Assad President of Syria should fall from power

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The British government fears a chemical catastrophe if indeed the Assad government should fall in Syria. I have more on this story from our broadcast partner Ken Timmerman in Washington, D.C.

Ken Timmerman: Assad has seemingly kept his chemical weapons under wraps. The reports that he had used them in combat have been pretty much debunked at least by the EU which does not share the US assessment. They believe it was the Jihadists, the rebel fighters who used chemical weapons on the battlefield. Everybody wants to know where those weapons are, who is going to get them if Assad falls, who is going to make sure the repositories, the weapons depots are secure. Israel has threatened to take them out if need be. The US has said they will do something about it.

The estimates that I have seen are pretty massive. It would require a massive US force, something like 7500 soldiers to secure all of those chemical weapons depots in Syria. That is how big Assad's arsenal is. This is a very, very real fear and it is highly likely some of those weapons will leak at the end of the conflict. He has special forces who are in charge of the chemical weapons depots. He has been moving them around at certain points to make the West and Israel afraid, but we just don't know how secure they are and that's the real problem.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A Middle East catastrophe could happen if one of the Middle East terror organizations was able to get a hold of the Syrian arsenal of chemical weapons of mass destruction which is the largest in the world.

Bashar Assad today controls the largest chemical weapon of mass destruction arsenal in the world. This is of great concern should the arsenal fall into the hands of a Middle Eastern terror group. In fact, the prophetic passage found in Isaiah 17 could be fulfilled. The ancient Jewish prophet Isaiah wrote 2500 years ago that Damascus will be destroyed in the last days. This vast chemical weapons of mass destruction arsenal could indeed be used to fulfill Isaiah's prophecy.

Whether it is chemical weapons of mass destruction that destroy Damascus, we do know Bible prophecy will indeed be fulfilled.