May 17, 2018

Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the earth however, they are now rethinking that statement

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JD: They’re serious about this situation and from their military operations in Syria they are ready to try to do what they promised wipe Israel off the face of the earth it seems like to me.

KT: They are Jimmy, but as I have argued I think the Israeli’s have exercised strategic deterrence here and I think what we are witnessing is extraordinary. We’re going to know whether Israel succeeds into deterring Iran or whether it doesn’t succeed in deterring Iran. I happen to believe that the Iranians are going to respond to the Israeli air strikes in Syria. They hit over 50 targets you know in the early mornings hours and all of those targets were where the Revolutionary Guards had set up shop, set up missile launchers, and had bases, they were training Hezbollah. And Israel hit all of those targets with apparent impunity. They didn’t lose a single aircraft. Syrian air defenses went on alert. We’re told launched missiles against the Israeli air force fighter planes but none of them hit.

Israel showed it can do whatever it wants, it dominates the skies of Syria; the Iranian can do nothing. This is very important to the Iranian mind set. They have just been shown a second time by Israel that Israel is far more powerful than Iran is. The first time remember was when the Israeli Mossad got the entire Iranian atomic archive out of Teheran. They went into the most secret location in all of Iran and acquired the most sensitive documents that had been locked up there.

These two cases I believe have created strategic deterrence. I think the Iranian regime is spooked I think they are afraid and while they may launch some retaliatory attacks against Israel my guess is that they are towering not getting ready to attack.

JD: Ken Timmerman with his insight into the Iranian threat to Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Bible prophecy calls for Iran to join a coalition of nations with an endeavor to try and wipe Israel off the map. Iran’s recent conflict with Israel saw some 50 Iranian military sites in Syria destroyed. Now the Iranian military is reconsidering how to deal with the Jewish State. However, Bible prophecy calls for Iran to join the Islamic coalition to destroy Israel, that’s Ezekiel 38:5 and Daniel 11:24.

These prophecies are absolute. Iran will attack Israel to destroy the Jewish State and it will be sooner rather than later.