April 20, 2017

The Trump Administrations Secretary of State, a neophyte political leader, gets high marks for dealing with Syria's Bashar Assad and his Russian counterpart as they both deny that it was a Syrian weapons attack on the Syrian people

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KT: The United States for now has been saying the intelligence is very strong that it was a Syrian government attack that’s what the President has said and that is what his intelligence people have told him. The Russian’s are not very clear on this either.

JD: Yeah, they’re not coming out with maybe a lot of straight talk, which they were encouraged to do when Secretary of State Tillerson visited there. But also had I understand a 2 hour meeting with Vladimir Putin now they had met before.

KT: What’s very interesting watching Rex Tillerson become Secretary of State a new iteration for him as a chief of executive officer. This is a man who is clearly very worldly wise he understands the ways of power. He understand the individuals who willed power. He’s not a neophyte. He’s a man who has been himself in charge of hundreds of thousands of lives under his employee at the head of Exxon mobile. He understands at the decisions he makes has real consequences on the lives of real people.

I think this is something that’s refreshing for us as Americans to see that our chief diplomat is a man of the world who understands that he can’t just be spouting platitudes and talking about red lines that are crossed and then we do nothing about. This is a man who understands that decisions and words have consequences.

JD: Ken Timmerman from Washington DC with details on the headline of how God is using Human Government to accomplish his will.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

God has used Human Government for 4,000 years to direct human kind to do his will. God established Human Government as recorded in Genesis 9:6 and down through the centuries the Lord has used Human Government to have his will played out on this earth. The Lord will in fact use Human Government in the future to bring about his plan for the future that’s Revelation 17:17.

God gave to the ancient Jewish prophets the scenario for the end of times and then in the last 50 years the Lord has used 7 United States Presidents to set the stage for the prophetic plan of God to be fulfilled. As we watch current events happening in this world we can see Human Government playing the key role to make all of these things happen. Human Government has moved all of the players into place for the Lord’s will to be played out.