September 19, 2017

As Prime Minister Netanyahu makes an historic trip to South America, Palestinian terrorist depict the Prime Minister as Adolph Hitler in Palestinian propaganda

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JD: Prime Minister Netanyahu on an historic visit to South America. He goes into Argentina first 
Buenos Aires and there he sees a Palestinian terrorist group demonstrating against the Prime Minister and depicting him on posters that they are handing out and the newspaper coverage as well as Adolf Hitler. This is despicable. It does talk about the long arm of the Palestinians and their efforts to destroy the Jewish State of Israel, doesn’t it?

DD: Well it does speak to that Jimmy. They really leave no stone unturned all over the world to oppose Israel and to call for Israel’s destruction. Argentina Jimmy, well of course this is the country that is a welcome mat for some of these people to a certain extent. That’s been true to the very end of World War II when the country acted as a host for many German Nazi that were fleeing Europe and looking for sanctuary and refuge. And of course we also have the worst, the highest number of Jews killed in any terror attack occurred in Argentina of course in Buenos Aires in 1994.  Prime Minister Netanyahu brought that attack up and he reminded the government of Argentina that they need to do more to stir out such people.

The previous president Jimmy thought to be behind the death of a prosecutor who was bringing someone who was involved in that attack allegedly to trial. He was killed the day he was supposed to speak to the parliament there in Argentina. So, there’s a lot of shenanigans over the years there and the Palestinians feel it’s a good place for them to demonstrate obviously. But to bring up Hitler there it’s ironic but there are historic reasons.

JD: David Dolan with the details behind the Palestinian terrorist propaganda in Argentina.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is making an historic trip to many countries in South America.  This is the first time an Israeli Prime Minister has made such a trip.

In Buenos Aires Argentina the Prime Minister was confronted by Palestinian as David Dolan told us by Palestinian terrorist calling the Prime Minister Hitler. This is disgusting especially in light of the Holocaust and Hitler’s Nazi’s and the killing of six million Jews. This scenario fits Bible prophecy as it relates to the Palestinian people. These terrorists want all Jews dead according to Ezekiel 35 and then they want to steal the Jewish land, which they want for a Palestinian state called Palestine. Even in Argentina the Palestinians are pushing their cause against the Jewish people.