November 14, 2016

A National Christian Leader Says That The Election Has Given Christians An Opportunity To Move Forward On God's Agenda In This World Today

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JD: You said earlier when we had a conversation that this was going to be an important election, key to what God was going to allow Christians to do in these, the last days. Talk to me about how important this was to the Christian community and those who are concerned about Biblical approach to governing the people.

SR: Well I think two things have come out of that, one is that most people including us and our pastor we’re working with, actually went into this praying, Lord make us thankful for whatever the result is. The other was we know that the answer to the needs of America are not going to be met in any one man or any one team of men, its not a political answer, it’s a spiritual answer raw in the hearts of God's people. That’s important number one, Lord prepare us for whatever it is so that on the other side of that election, whether we find ourselves in active preparation for prosecution or whether its an opportunity a window of opportunity to build back into our culture, civil government, families, homes, Biblical principals that makes them strong.

Next step is this, this that God has done must be followed up with Gods people not going back doing what they use to do. I believe that Gods continued blessing on this nation or any nation really is going to be linked directly to our level of obedience to God's word, with as much urgency, with as much passion to say, I am purposed more than ever to be obedient to what God says and to demonstrate a life that truly looks like a born again son of God. A big change for the church in America awakened by the potential, this election, but it’s going to be a lifestyle change required for the church of America, I believe, for God continued to bless and move forward.
JD: Sam Rohrer, who is the President of the American Pastors Network with a great word of exhortation for the church.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.  

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

God is still on the throne and in charge and will use human government to accomplish His will in the future.

God established human government way back 4,000 years ago, as recorded in Genesis 9:6. God has used human government down through the centuries and God will use human government in the future, that’s Revelation 17:17. God’s prophetic plan for the future will indeed be fulfilled.