August 28, 2013

PM Netanyahu says that Israel will respond to an attack by Syria

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With the threat of a strike on Syria by US led forces in response to Syria's use of chemical weapons of mass destruction the Syrian leader says that if attacked, they will strike Israel. I asked broadcast partner David Dolan if this threat from Syria was of a concern to Israel.

David Dolan: Well it is ultimately because they can be fitted chemical warheads on long range and medium range missiles of which Syria possesses hundreds if not thousands that can strike virtually every part of Israel, so certainly something that the Israelis think is a strong possibility and then we have reports that activists associated with the Syrian opposition have smuggled samples of soil and other contaminated clothing and other things to a team of UN experts and while there, this attack apparently took place.

I think the International Community will rise up, of course not with Russia, not with China, but the Western powers in particular and take some sort of action. That obviously interests Israel very much. This is all very worrisome. As PM Netanyahu said, Iran in particular is watching how the world responds, how the West responds and if they just sit back and do nothing, that will encourage them in their nuclear program and their goal to annihilate Israel he said.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As the world prepares to deal with the usage of chemical weapons of mass destruction in Syria, the stage is being set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

It's undeniable that chemical weapons of mass destruction have been used in Syria. The only question is, who used them? Was it the Assad government or the opposition forces? However, the alarming thing is that Syria has said that they will attack Israel if the Western powers attack Syria.

This scenario is actually found in Bible prophecy. Daniel, the ancient Jewish prophet reveals that Syria is the nation that will make the first move against the Jewish state of Israel, Daniel 11:40. Isaiah, another of the ancient Jewish prophets also foretold of the destruction of the city of Damascus, Isaiah 17 and Isaiah revealed that this will happen at the same time in history when Syria does attack the Jewish state.

The crisis in the Middle East over the usage of chemical weapons in Syria is actually setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.