August 14, 2017

North Korea is a threat to the United States but to Israel, as well

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JD: We’ve got to deal with this North Korean situation. I want to know is that a real threat or bravado?

BM: No, it’s a real threat Jimmy. They have a very large inventory of ballistic missiles that are increasing in their capability both for the region and against us. Given that they’ve tested two continental ballistics missiles in July. And then of course they’ve done five test of nuclear devices based upon the most recent report from the defense intelligence agency that was in the Washington Post. They think they have up to sixty different devices put them on a ballistic missile and fire them in our direction.

JD: Do you think this is going to go away?

BM: I think that we will find a solution; a near term solution. But this ugliness may crop up again if in fact we prove to find that they continue their program. Make no mistake the Iranian’s and Toran are watching what’s happening with North Korea. So, if we fail with North Korea Iran’s going to take advantage of it. If we succeed then perhaps the agreement of 2015 with Iran will have some substance because the Iranian’s were laughing at us the other day when we said we want to inspect some suspect sites. And I suspect the Iranian’s are fare more sophisticated then the North Korean’s and therefore they don’t have to openly test their nuclear devices to insure that they actually will function. Now both nations are on our radar and we have to figure out how to do things smartly and save lives both here and there.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis at the Pentagon with insight into the threat of North Korea to the United States and to the state of Israel as well.

 We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

There is intense redirect going on now between the United States and North Korea and as this redirect ratchets up there is a chance for a major war possibly a nuclear war. The North Korean focus is on the United States however Israel is on high alert because of this North Korean crisis.

Remember President George W. Bush warned of the evil axis. That was referring to North Korea, Iran, and Syria. That alignment is still in play today. Iran is in Syria at Israel’s northern border and the Iranian-North Korean connection is as good as it has ever been. If the United States should cave on the North Korean threat Iran will ignore the United States and go after Israel, that’s Ezekiel 38:5.