April 15, 2021

Is the Pope Catholic?

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JD: Now this is a great newsletter.

MG: It really keeps people up to date on what's coming out of the Vatican. We know that we're in the end times and many people believe that the Roman Catholic Church is mystery spiritual Babylon. This article that we're going to talk about today is actually an article that really shows Pope Francis to be the most influential false prophet in the world today.

JD: What I thought I would do is simply ask the same questions that you asked in the article and get you to answer. So let me begin with that first one.

Is the Pope Catholic?

MG: Well the reason that is a viable question today is that many of the Pope's bizarre and continuous statements have not only gone against the Bible but also they've gone against historic Catholicism. So we do ask the question is the Pope really Catholic because many of the higher clergy, the Cardinals of the Catholic Church have a problem with him refuting historic Roman Catholicism. 

JD: In your opinion then Mike, is the Pope humble?

MG: Well he wants to portray himself as humble. When he first took the office he refused to live in the palace. He instead chose to live in a guest room. But when you really look at what he has done. He's stolen the titles given to the Tryon God. So you wonder how anyone can declare themselves to be humble when he declares himself to be Holy Father, there's only one Holy Father, The Lord Jesus, pray to him and His high priestly prayer. And the Pope also steals the title of head of the church. A church that he did not die for as the true head of the church the Lord Jesus Christ did. He also wears the title Vicar of Christ, Jesus said I must go but I will send someone in my place. He was referring to the Holy Spirit. So he has stolen the three titles reserved for the Tryon God. That is a very arrogant and proudful position to take and so he is not a humble man.

JD: Mike Gendron explaining why the Pope may not be Catholic and surly is not humble.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Mike's report reveals that the Pope may not be Catholic and is not a humble man since he steals all the titles for the Holy Trinity and applies them to himself. We must understand this truth about the Catholic Church and remember Bible prophecy applied to that Church is given by God in Revelation 17. That is not what the church says it is however what God's word says and God's word is absolute and will be fulfilled.