December 16, 2016

A leading preacher and a president of a southern Baptist seminary say that Calvinism is a Trojan Horse

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JD: We’re talking about Calvinism which some are saying is a Trojan horse. This week David, the Baptist News Global website posted an article concerning a recent chapel message at the Southwestern Baptist Seminary there in Fort Worth, Texas that warned about the dangers of Calvinism coming into the Southern Baptist Church.

DJ: Well that’s right and I agree that’s an important topic. A pastor from Alabama named Rick Patrick spoke at a chapel there at Southwestern, he was very concerned. He said let me just quote quickly Calvin’s institute address a broad spectrum of theological categories, we’re actually debating much more than just a single issue of salvation he goes on to say if we’re not careful a miriad of related beliefs and practices will enter our camp hidden within what he calls the Trojan horse of Calvinism.

JD: Let’s discuss some of the other reasons that Calvinism was called a Trojan horse by this speaker there at the seminary.

DJ: Well he actually noted several, one goes back to the nature of God and it is related to the issue of salvation but one of the questions on whether the heavenly Father is a God of love. Another was, and this is very much true, a lot of the new Calvinist tend to be partners with the charismatic movement. He points to the fact that the relationship between new Calvinist and post millennial, for example he cites John Piper who holds to what he says quote un-quote is optimistic pre-millennia, but that’s not pre-trib dispensationalim, so the Baptist as well as again historically independent Bible Churches have traditionally been dispensational in there theology but the new Calvinist would not hold to a dispensational theology, they would either be post mill, or amill, or historic premill but not pre-trib dispensational.

JD: David James with that report. Remember the Fox News slogan, we report you decide. We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

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God’s prophetic Word must be interpreted literally if we’re going to know God’s plan for the future.

To know God’s plan for today and then for the future it must come from an interpretation that is literal as we take God’s Word at face value. Any method of interpretation, which is not literal, is a dangerous interpretation. All Scripture is given by God II Timothy 3:16 and is profitable for many things which includes understanding God’s plan for the future. As a student of Bible prophecy a literal interpretation of the prophetic passages is essential. What He says He means and it will happen.