January 24, 2019

The European Union claims to be a veritable Tower of Babel

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JD: You know I was reading an article about Strasbourg, they say that will be the capital of the EU the future of Europe in fact, the entire continent itself. You lived for many years in Brussels as I understand it that’s the headquarters for the European Union. What’s the connection between Brussels and Strasbourg?

JR: This actually is a prefect example of the inherence divisions in the European Union. Brussels’s is the defacto capital of the EU. The main institutions are there. Actually, there is a clause in one of the treaties that the European Parliament needs to be on French soil. So there is the European Parliament that is official is in Strasbourg. But then again we have another European Parliament which is much larger, takes the vast majority of the sessions which is in Brussels. So people might be astounded to learn that there’s actually 2 European Parliament buildings. The Parliamentarians they don’t actually like to travel back and fourth so really there’s only I believe 12 days a year that the European Parliament would actually be in session in Strasbourg. But basically stressing that Strasbourg is the capital of the EU is really stretching it. From a French prospective the European Parliament must be in that territory.

Another thing speaking about the European Parliament in Strasbourg it’s a great thing to Google and look at the image. The European Parliament is actually based, the architecture is based on Bruegel’s Tower of Babel. So they pride themselves in the languages that have come together. I took a tour of the European Parliament in Brussels which has changed from time to time. The one tour they quoted and said we are a veritable Tower of Babel. So that is a very strange perception to think that the Tower of Babel is something you would want to identify with in a good sense.

JD: John Rood with the claim by the European Union that they represent the symbolic Tower of Babel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

This claim by the European Union and its relationship to the Tower of Babel is very interesting when you understand what Nimrod wanted to do when he built that tower. His first goal was to set up a one world governmental system, the Great City of Babel or should we say the Great City of Babylon, that’s Revelation chapter 18.  That city of Babylon will indeed be the headquarters for a one-world government in the future, which is the goal by the way of the European Union as they become the Revived Roman Empire. The stage is set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.