June 12, 2018

Iran is demanding that the Islamic terror groups attack Israel at its Southern border and its Northern border

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JD: The Prime Minister in his message to these European Union leaders is saying that the Gaza border violence is a result of the Iranians telling the Palestinians to do all they can violently to try to attract the world to the attention that Israel is going after the Palestinians. Boy, this is the case. I mean it’s pretty much sure that is exactly what Iran would like to have happen.

DD: Well Jimmy the Israeli’s monitor the Iranian communications all the time and they know what’s going on and especially anything into the Gaza Strip. And they know that Iran has basically ordered Islamic Jihad their surrogate force there to stir up trouble. Hamas has went along with it as well. This March of Freedom as their calling it to take back their cities and all this sort of thing.

The concern that I’m hearing about is that this is a diversion that there continues to be a true build up in the north along the Golan border. There are reports that Russia has over a thousand missile launchers stationed right off the Syrian coast, ships there that could be used at any moment if needed. And Jimmy while Netanyahu was in Europe on Friday he warned the Syrian leader Assad not to attack Israel indicating that there are some signs that may be on the horizon. He said we have our forces fully alert and we’re ready to go and we’re ready to defend ourselves. But again they see the hand of Iran behind all of this.

And as I mentioned also before the Russians have released publicly stated that it’s getting near the time where Iran should leave Syria the war is winding down and their presence is not needed there anymore. If I were an Iranian leader I’d spent five years building up my forces right north of Israel and I had the surrogate force in Gaza and others around the area I would go now. I wouldn’t wait until possibly I have to leave the area. So that’s what they’re concerned about. It’s a nervous time but Israel is on full alert.

JD: David Dolan with details on Iran’s demand that Islamic terror groups attack Israel’s southern and northern borders.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David Dolan, a long time journalist in the Middle East is on top of all news breaking in that region of the world. His report of the Iranians demanding Hamas and Islamic Jihad attack Israel’s southern border and that Hezbollah would attack Israel’s northern border. This is a plan by the Islamic states to rise up to destroy the Jewish State of Israel, which by the way was foretold by the ancient Jewish prophets over a thousand years before Islam came into existence. God gave this message to the prophets Ezekiel and Daniel. Today we can witness Gods plan being played out in our world.