December 26, 2018

A Pastor in Jerusalem, who forgets the date for Christmas, presents the Messiah to the Jewish people

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JD: If you’re trying to communicate the person of Jesus Christ as the real Messiah there in Jerusalem do you put any connection together so that they may better understand Christmas and then the coming of the Messiah, what they consider the Jewish Messiah? How do you witness to them about these coming events?

MK: First when we speak about the gospel to people and I’m talking about non believing Jewish people I would take messianic prophecies from the Old Testament and prove to them that these messianic prophecies speaks about an identity of the person and the ministry of the person. And this person can only be God. Only God can do the things these verses talk about whether it’s Isaiah 52:14 it speaks of the identity of the Messiah; verses 14 and 15 about his ministry, the first coming and the second coming.

When we speak about Zechariah 9:9 who was the God who entered the righteous king the humble one who entered into Jerusalem riding on the donkey? Who was it? I mean this already tells us. It was Jesus. And this Jesus was born of a virgin in Bethlehem. It’s such a miracle that even Jewish are writing about it. And then in chapter 9 says that he needed to die before the construction of the second Temple. Ok, how many people does history give us? The people cannot answer and then they say well all the rabbi’s don’t agree with it. Do you want to tell us that you’re smarter than all the rabbis? They don’t tell you the truth, they don’t come and tell you ok lets deal with the verses; let’s see what the Bible says. They’re not use to it.

JD: Meno Kalisher and his simple approach of presenting the Messiah to the Jewish people.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As Meno Kalisher a pastor in Jerusalem uses a simple presentation of the Messiah from the Bible to bring Jews to salvation. So also can we use God’s prophetic passages in the Bible for all people to bring them to Jesus Christ the Messiah. In fact, Jesus has not come a second time because he is not willing that any should parish but all come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, that’s II Peter 3:9. By the way we can hasten his coming by leading all lost people to Jesus Christ, that’s II Peter 3:12.