December 30, 2013

Ken Timmerman, our broadcast partner in Washington, gives us a review of 2013 and a preview of 2014

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As we begin this special edition of Prophecy Today, a look into 2014, we bring to you the man that gives us insight into the geo-political activities across the world, Ken Timmerman.

JD: Let me ask you this  first question, is America still a major factor in our world today or have we faded?
KT: America will remain a major factor in world affairs for quite some time to come, but weakened and wounded. We are going to have a smaller footprint around the world when it comes not just to our military presence but I believe also our economic influence.
JD: What do you consider the greater threat, is it our economic situation here in America and as it relates to the world or is it the present administrations foreign policy that may cause us the most problems?
KT: That's an interesting question, and I think they are linked. I think this administration starts from a world view which is predicated on the notion that America is the problem and not the solution and when you see America as the problem to be cured, you go about to reduce America's influence, to diminish America's footprint, to harm the American economy.
JD: What about Russia, they have a desire to be a super-power, are they on the pathway to making that happen?
KT: I believe that's the case. Putin and the people around him are nostalgic for the Soviet Union, they would like to reclaim some of that lost influence that they had around the world.
JD: I want to talk about Islam and the role it is going to have in 2014?
KT: We're going to see an increase in the infighting between the two major sects of Islam, the Shiites and the Sunnis. We are going to see that in Syria where they have come into open conflict, where you have the Saudis and the Kutries supporting the Muslim brotherhood, the Sunni Islamist opposition to Assad, and you have the Iranians, the Shiites supporting Assad and his Alawites that ordinarily would be considered a heretic sect of Islam. So I think you are going to see increasing conflict between Sunni and Shiites, it could spill over into Iraq in a major way as car bombings and violence is on the increase in that country as well.
JD: You have covered over the years the persecution of Christians, in particular in the Middle East, is it going to get worse in 2014?
KT: Yes, it will get worse. I see nothing on the horizon to improve the situation. There is no great voice in support of the Christians, so I see no one on the horizon to become their champion.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Ken Timmerman with a preview of 2014 as it relates to geo-political activities in our world today. Let me remind you that Ken can only forecast for 2014 based upon his thoughts, his research and his experience in the area of the world that he is covering.

God's Word is absolute in the area of Bible prophecy. Let me suggest these prophetic passages with a focus on the issues covered in my interview with Ken Temmerman. The United States is only referred to in Zechariah 14:2. Economics will play a key roll in the last days, that's Revelation 18. Russia is a is a major player in the last days, Ezekiel 38:2. Islam is the lowest common denominator in the alignment of nations as foretold in Ezekiel 38; and believers will be martyred in the time of the tribulation, Revelation 6:9.