March 25, 2020

In the Middle East today there is pestilence and swarms of locusts as in Biblical times

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JD: Very interesting activities going on in the Middle East. You have the Coronavirus pandemic and then there's a report coming out of the horn of Africa. There's a swarm of locusts arriving in the Middle East just in time for the Passover. Now it's a couple of weeks away. Passover April 8 - 16. But boy that swarm of locusts they don't need that in Israel.

DD: Jimmy, it's very Biblical. Let's face it they're talking about a closure just for the next 2 weeks but with the number of cases doubling everyday and of course it's happening elsewhere. Israel took strong steps and that's part of the reason Netanyahu's popularity ratings have gone up. He's been very quick to even with the economic damage to ban tourism and do these other things.

But yes, now we have locusts coming up. So the Passover is going to be very very different. Many of the rabbis who have called for the Jews to go up to the Temple Mount and then in the synagogues around the world and to pray for God's mercy because they do point to several incidents in the Bible where it says that plagues were unleashed by the Lord or at least he allowed them to come. One was when King David of course disobeyed God and launched a census. One of the options God gave him was a plague. A short period of time but a very deadly thing. We know in the Exodus that this occurred as well. So add locusts to the midst and you really have something.

Many are saying this is not just a coincidence that this is happening and has disrupted life so much. But as you said people are falling on their knees. The good news is it's gotten everybody's attention and life has altered and that's all over the world. Hopefully many people will cry out to God and come to God as a result of this. But boy, it's looking very much like the period of Exodus again.

JD: David Dolan with the details from the Middle East on the Coronavirus pandemic and swarms of locusts.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Jesus referred to the pandemic in the Tribulation period as pestilence as recorded in Matthew 24:7. In Joel chapter 1 the invasion of locusts is a record of an historic event and the invasion of locusts on the Jewish people in Biblical times. In Joel 2 & 3 the prophet is speaking of enemy armies that will invade Israel in the time of the end. Joel's reference to locusts is used to describe the enemy armies that will invade the Jewish state in the Day of the Lord. And by the way that Day of the Lord starts after the Rapture of the church. This pestilence and the swarms of locusts spoken of by Matthew and Joel refer to the time during the Tribulation period.