February 17, 2017

A Baptist Pastor says that he must embrace Islam in order to be faithful to his Baptist beliefs

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JD: David, you sent me an article this week written by a Baptist Pastor who made the unbelievable statement that he felt he needed to recite the Islamic creed in order to remain true to his faith as a Christian. Can you explain a bit about this creed and why this is a pretty serious issue?

DJ: I consider an extremely serious issue especially coming from a Baptist. A pastor, a man, we'll just name him, Miguel Golla Torrah of Cuban decent in the United States, and he made the statement in his article as a committed liberationist leaning Christian; I may have no choice but to say the Shahada and convert to Islam if I wish to be faithful to my beliefs.

Now those are contradictory ideas to say he has to become a Muslim to be a faithful Christian. The Shahada is the Islamic creed and the way it’s framed is that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.

The way you convert to Islam is by reciting that creed and taking it to heart. We’re born again to be born again believers in Christ to become Biblical Christians but you simply have to say this in order to become a Muslim. And he says to be required a faithful Christian, and faithful Jew, and faithful Hindus so he’s lumping all of these religions together and seeing this as a responsibility.

JD: David, the author of this article tries to draw a moral equivalency between the current immigration situation and Cuba turning away a ship with Jewish refugees on it in 1939, as well as pointing out groups that claim some sort of Christian identity.

DJ: That’s just a total false equivalency. For one thing there were none of the Jewish refugees in, being faithful to what they believe, who were wanting to kill Cubans. So it’s a completely invalid comparison.

JD: David James my broadcast partner with details on the contradictory statement by a Baptist Pastor.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled.

Islamic eschatology says that the Mahdi, the Moslem Messiah, will appear in our world and bring with him a man named Jesus. Not the Jesus of the Bible, the son of the true God, because Allah, the Islamic God, says that he has no son. The Mahdi will have Jesus Christ break all the crosses, kill all the pigs, and convert all Christian to Islam. This Islamic Jesus will then rule the world with the Islamic Mahdi.

By the way, the Islamic Jesus never died and was not resurrected which makes the Islamic Jesus a false prophet. Islamic eschatology is a fraud and actually accomplishes only one thing; it will set the stage for a true Biblical eschatology to be fulfilled.