September 20, 2019

Christian author, Jonathan Cahn, has written another Christian novel along the same line of his previous books, which are all non-Biblical

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JD: David I know in 2014 Jonathan Cahn released his second book to which you also responded and which not only dealt with his book but also responded to what I think we can call the blood moons fiasco.

DJ: September of 2014 he had turned chapter 17 of the harbinger called the Mystery of Shemitah with the subtitle the 3,000-year-old mystery that holds the secret of Americas future, the worlds future and your future. And Jonathan Cahn believed he had found a mystery that was affecting American and world economy and world events.

2014 and 2015 there was a series of four consecutive lunar eclipses that occurred on the Feasts of Passovers and Tabernacles in both years. There was a book written by a Hebrew Roots pastor that said that these would be a fulfillment of Joel 2, Matthew 24 and Revelation 6 concerning the moon turning to blood triggering the Tribulation and fulfillment of prophecies. And when Jonathan Cahn picked up on it he tied things to it in his Shemitah book and so I responded and here we are 4 years later and nothing has happened that they said would happen.

JD: What can you tell us about Cahn’s new book, The Oracle?

DJ: I actually downloaded it at 4:30 this morning from Amazon. I wasn’t able to get through it completely yet but I did read over a quarter of it already. Jonathan Cahn wrote an article and the second paragraph reads as follows: Is it possible that the events unfolding in the world right now are following the exact parameters of a 3,000 year old mystery? Is it possible that this mystery has determined the past, the present and will determine the future? Could this mystery have even ordained the outcome of American elections and the secret of a modern American President meaning President Trump?

Since I haven’t finished the book yet I’m withholding judgment. But after all I’ve seen over the past 7 years you could call me a confirmed skeptic.

JD: David James Bible in hand explaining his concerns about Jonathan Cahn’s books and the fact that they are neither historically nor Biblically correct.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

David James has done much research on the books written by the best selling author Jonathan Cahn. That research has revealed that Cahn has difficulty with historic and Biblical content in his books. These books lead to false teaching by the author. Jesus warned us of false teaching in the last days, that’s Matthew 7:15 and Matthew 24:11 & 24.

These false teachers or false prophets will deceive the true church with this non-biblical teaching. In fact this false teaching deception is the first indicator of the soon return of Jesus Christ.