March 29, 2021

Jews around the world are celebrating the Jewish Feast Days of Passover

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JD: Please if you will rehearse the first Passover so that those listening maybe for the first time not familiar with the Passover this Jewish holy day how it all came about.

SH: For your listeners sake when they read through the Torah the first five books they'll come to book of Exodus. Its a very important story, a very important historic event and that is when the children of Israel were in bondage and had been for over 400 years we read in Exodus chapter 12 from the Scriptures that it was God who had already selected Moses, who was to go toe to toe with Pharaoh the most powerful nation on the planet. After those years of bondage went to Pharaoh let my people go. 

In Exodus chapter 12 is that place where we read about exactly what has to take place for that to happen. That is when the Passover was instituted. It's an amazing chapter because it talks about the children of Israel are together together with the lamb. They're to get that lamb put the blood on the two sides, on the upper door post and the two of their house and when God saw the blood He was going to Passover. So that meant the invisible God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob the God of Moses was competing against these false gods and each time proved himself superior. In this case to preserve his people who put the blood of the lamb on the door post would be spared where as Pharaoh's people and Pharaoh was considered god himself amongst his people that meant that Pharaoh lost that battle could not defeat the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Therefore as a remembrance of that one day event from then on it was to be a memorial. 

JD: Steve Herzig with the details of how Jews around the world are celebrating Passover.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Each of the Jewish Feast days, and there are seven of them found there in Leviticus 23 have a prophetic significance with the first of the Feast days Passover. Then following the Feast of Unleavened Bread and thirdly the Feast of First Fruits. The prophetic significance of these three Feasts was fulfilled by Jesus Christ. Jesus was crucified on Passover, Matthew 27:35. The Lord was buried on Unleavened Bread, Matthew 27:59 & 60. And then Jesus resurrected from the dead on First Fruits, Matthew 28:1-6. Jesus Christ fulfilled these Jewish Feast day prophecies.