September 10, 2020

Joe Biden, a candidate for President of the United States is against the Pope and the Bible on a major issue in the upcoming election

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JD: Biden and some of his campaign literature, and we're not attacking Joe Biden he had made the statement and we just want to fact check him and see what he does really believe. In his campaign literature is talking about his relationship with the Pope and in fact I think he did receive communion from the Pope at one time. But because of that relationship does not necessarily mean that he's truly a believer either way does it? 

MG: Well it really doesn't and its really interesting to know that Pope Francis supports Joe Biden and actually wants Joe Biden to win the Presidency even though Joe Biden by his own admission is not pro-life he is pro-abortion. That is why there was a big issue that was brought up last November when Biden was refused communion by a Roman Catholic priest because of his pro-abortion stance. So that's when Joe Biden went on to say that it doesn't matter that he was refused communion from a local priest because Pope Francis gives him communion when he goes to the Vatican to visit. The Catholic priest, the local priest had more discernment to uphold Catholic law than Pope Francis himself.

JD: You just revealed to us Joe Biden is not on the right page from a Biblical prospective when you start talking about abortion. 

MG: I believe that your listeners would probably believe what I'm going to say that there's no clear example of wickedness in the slaughter of innocent helpless babes in a mothers womb. And those who promote the women's rights who murder their children have told us about their immoral character. We don't need to look any further because how can anyone vote for a President who stands for such wickedness. And so I really believe that's one of the major issues if not the most critical issue if a President were to allow the murder of innocent babies in the womb then he has no right to lead our country.

JD: Mike Gendron on the issue that should determine how you vote in the upcoming Presidential election. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

This report is not a statement for one candidate or the other in the upcoming Presidential election however it is a fact finding report on what has to be the major issue for Christian voters. Psalm 139 is God's statement on the issue of abortion. Remember life does begin not at birth and not at conception but in the mind of God in eternity past, that's Jeremiah 1:5. Abortion is blasphemy against God.