February 25, 2019

Turkish President Erdogan is trying to form an Islamic Army out of the 61 Islamic Nations

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JD: Looks like Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan trying to unite about 61 different Islamic nations to form somewhat of an army of Islam. What do you know?

KT: Well Jimmy there’s really an extraordinary thing going on in Turkey today where you have the military advisor to the President, Tayyip Erdogan who has at the same time as his military advisor he has a private consulting company, and this private consultant company which is not very well know I have to say. They are launching an initiative across the Muslim world to create a Pan-Islamic army that would be pretty much the backbone of the army would be Turkish military but it would include units from other countries as well. He says that the goal of this Pan-Islamic army is going to be to take Israel, to defeat Israel. They also want to station troops in Gaza. And oh by the way while they are at it they want to hold navel exercises off the coast the Israel to hem the Israeli’s in.

I find it extraordinary that something like this comes to the light of day. These are the secret dreams of Muslim leaders that normally they keep to themselves or they speak behind closed doors. This has just come to the floor recently and it’s really quite amazing. We have here a glimpse of what the secret desires are of Tayyip Erdogan, his top military advisor and I think quite a number of people in Turkey itself. Now, this said they would like Iran, Syria and a number of Arab countries to join his Pan-Islamic army. I don’t think there’s much chance that that’s ever going to happen. But as I say it’s extraordinary to get a glance inside their dreams and their vision for the future.

JD: Ken Timmerman with details on Tayyip Erdogan’s efforts to form an Islamic army out of 61 Islamic Nations.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken’s statement that this revelation of the secret drives and vision for the future of the Islamic world is a scenario that fits into the prophetic passages of God’s word. If you read the prophecy of the Psalmist is Psalm 83 and then the 2 Prophets, Daniel and Ezekiel you will find a list of nations that are today aligning themselves to make a move to destroy Israel. These prophetic passages are Daniel 11 and Ezekiel 38. In these passages you will find the list of 61 nations that President Erdogan is using to form his Islamic army. The stage is set for these prophecies to be fulfilled.