May 18, 2015

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas plans to eliminate the Jewish state of Israel

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A spokesman for Hamas, the Palestinian terror group, said that the Jihadist movement is loyal to Palestinian principles in its policy of terrorism against the Jews until Israel ceases to exist and said that any offer by the PA President Mahmoud Abbas to establish a Palestinian state, even with temporary borders, is rejected by Hamas.

Osama Hamdan, the Hamas spokesman, said the Hamas plan is based on obtaining a Palestinian state by force of arms, not by way of a grievance, a path which has failed and that Hamas will fight to eliminate the Jewish state of Israel altogether.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The statement by Hamas, the Palestinian terror group, that they plan to eliminate the Jewish state of Israel, is a page out of Bible prophecy.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been the focus of world leaders over the last several decades as they have worked to bring about a resolution to this conflict. However, the truth be known, as revealed in the recent Hamas declaration, the elimination of the Jewish state of Israel is a Palestinian principle. Both Bible history and prophecy confirm this Palestinian principle. In the book of Genesis, we have the record of the birth of Jacob and Esau, Genesis 25:23-26.

In Genesis 27, the account of Jacob stealing the birthright and blessing from Esau reveals that Esau then made a pledge to kill Jacob. History down through 4000 years has revealed to us the conflict continues even until today with Jacob, the Jewish people of today, and Esau, the Palestinian people of today, still in that conflict of 4000 years. Bible prophecy foretold of this conflict during the end times. Ezekiel, the ancient Jewish prophet, wrote that the Edomites, the descendants of Esau, the Palestinian people today, would want to kill the Jews, the descendants of Jacob, and then take the land that God had given to them, Ezekiel 35.

The Hamas plan to eliminate the Jewish state of Israel is indeed a page out of Bible prophecy, Bible prophecy that will be fulfilled.